We received this email from a parent and wanted to pass it along.

If any of your students are looking for a volunteer opportunity they could help us with the United Way Children's Boots, Socks and Underwear drive benefiting local homeless and low-income children. Its a sort of DIY opportunity where students can reach out to friends, family, sports or faith groups to rally support and collect much needed supplies. If any of your students are interested all they need to do is give me a call at 336-1070 ext. 116.

Thank you,

Robynn Browne



Sheridan Academy students who are 14 YEARS OLD OLDER (sorry younger students) have a terrific community service opportunity!

What: Toby Mack concert
Date: Saturday, March 12th
Time: 5-11 pm
Where: Taco Bell Arena
What: Selling Merchandise and collecting food for the hungry

Please let Leigh know ASAP if your child is interested. They will get community service hours for this, as it is benefiting a non-profit.

It is once again time to get parent-teacher conferences scheduled. This is a great time for us to make sure that your student is on track and that you are feeling comfortable and in the loop with your child's progress.

We will also review each students transcript if they are in 9th-12th grade to ensure that they have all the credits that they should have and if not what the plan is for making sure they have an on time graduation.

Conferences will be April 7th and 8th from 9-3. Leigh will be blocking out a 30 minute time frame for each student. If you have a time that works best for you, please let her know as soon as possible so that she can get you down and guarantee that time is all yours.

Just a reminder that this Friday is our annual Bogus Basin Ski Trip. The bus will leave Sheridan promptly at 8:30 and return at 4;00.

If your student IS NOT going to Bogus that day we have decided to not take those students up the hill to hang out in the lodge. This is a required day of school so please have your student to school at the normal time.

Thanks so much! We are looking forward to a great day both up on the hill and down here in the valley.

We are on the downhill side to the weekend. Speaking of the weekend, this is a 3-day weekend with Presidents Day being on Monday. There will be no school on Monday the 15th.

Our ski trip is the 26th. If you have not gotten your stuff in I need it immediately. If your child is not skiing then we will have other things going on for those students as it is a required school day and will be an unexcused absence if they just choose not to show up. We highly encourage everyone to give it a try, but if they don't they are still expected at school that day.

The 22nd and 23rd we will have guest in our school all day, both days for our 6 year accreditation review. The members of the accreditation review board will be talking to some students and perhaps parents as well. This is a big event that requires months of preparation. We want to thank all of you that completed the online survey as it is one of the most highly looked at pieces in this process.

Supporters need to contact members of House and Senate State Affairs TODAY, RIGHT NOW, IT'S TIME to ask them please vote YES on House Joint Resolution 1 which would amend the Idaho Constitution and clarify aid to students is not the same thing as aid to schools. If your legislators aren't cosponsors, ask them to join. Committee contact info is below; please reach out to all members of both committees.

This is the last chance to pass this until 2018. A constitutional amendment needs a two-thirds majority in both legislative bodies, and then it appears on the next general election ballot where it needs a simple majority to become law. It does not go to the governor's desk.

HJR 1 adds the following language to the Idaho Constitution at the end of Article IX, Section 5: " . . . nothing [in Section 5] shall be construed to prohibit the legislature or any county, city, town, township, school district, or other public corporation from making appropriations, payments, grants, or donations of public funds or moneys for the purpose of providing grants, scholarships, loans, or other assistance to students or parents of students for educational purposes."

This language makes clear that while public aid to private schools would remain impermissible, aid to STUDENTS is allowed.

The amendment gets Idaho to the point where we can start to discuss options for having the money follow the child to his school of choice. Idaho children will succeed when they have every school option open to them, and this amendment keeps all options in line with the Idaho Constitution.

It also would protect the Idaho Opportunity Scholarship from legal challenges. The Opportunity Scholarship is a publicly-funded scholarship serving 1765 students statewide, including 151 students at Northwest Nazarene University and Brigham Young University-Idaho. It also would protect current dual and concurrent high school/college credit programs, especially those at NNU where 40 students on campus and 1829 high school students earned 8400 credits last year.

The members of the House and Senate State Affairs Committees are:


Idaho House Joint Resolution 1 is a constitutional amendment which would clarify that aid to students is not the same thing as aid to schools. It would get Idaho to a starting point where we could begin to talk about the money following the child to private schools.

HJR 1 also would rectify a glaring inconsistency that currently allows Idaho public school students to have the state pay for classes at Northwest Nazarene University (high school/college concurrent credit) and BYU Independent Studies (middle and high school) both of which are church schools.

Please click here for more information on how to reach out to the Idaho House and Senate State Affairs Committee members. Please ask them to vote YES on HJR 1, and tell your personal stories about how having children in a private school has benefited their families.

For more information, contact Briana LeClaire, Executive Director, Idaho Federation of Independent Schools. She can be reached at or 208-724-6311.


Here's Mayor Tammy de Weerd and the Meridian City Council declaring January 27, 2016 School Choice Day in Meridian, ID.

On-hand to celebrate: Sheridan Academy’s Leigh Wilson and Greg Norton, Boise Rescue Mission COO and Federation president Jean Lockhart, Idaho State Senator Lori Den Hartog and Mayor Tammy.

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday...

Just a couple of reminders.

1. You all received a survey by email that Sheridan needs to have completed for our every 6 year review for accreditation. It should just take a few moments and I can't tell you how much we would appreciate your help with this.

2. Finals Week...Please help your kids out by asking and reminding them of any studying or makeup assignments that they need to complete prior to the Friday cutoff.

3. Community Service Hours - Forms are due back in my office by Friday for the community service that your child completed this semester. They have until May to get their total hours done, but I must have a reporting of what they have done this semester. Even if they have all of it to do next semester I need a blank form with their name on it for their file.

Thanks so much




Dear Parents,

It is that time of year when we begin getting all of our ducks in a row for the annual Sheridan Academy Ski and Snowboard trip. This is always a highly anticipated day and big fun for everyone. We have chartered a bus to take the kids and staff up. The bus will leave Sheridan promptly at 8;30 am the morning ofFebruary 26th. It will bring the kids back to the school that afternoon at4pm. We will not be allowing students to drive up on their own.

This is the one field trip that we do charge for to cover the students, lift pass, equipment rental and lesson. The bus is paid for by Sheridan. The cost is $25.00 and will include:

1. All day ski pass
2. Ski or snowboard equipment rental
3. Lesson.

If your child already has a season pass and/or equipment please contact me so I can let you know what the adjusted rate is.

Your kids will be bringing home a registration form that I need filled out completely and returned with a check for $25.00 made out to Sheridan Academy. I need to have these returned by the5th of February. In case the form does not make it home, I have attached one here as well that you can print off and return.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all.

Thank you....and remember no schoolon Mondaythe 18th for Martin Luther King Day. Great time to study for finals ;)
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