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Who are Sheridan Academy’s Students?

Sheridan Academy benefits a range of students who were unsuccessful or unmotivated in the traditional school setting:

  • Gifted/Talented Students: If a student wants to take a class not offered by their current school, we can design, develop and administer the curriculum specific to the student's goals. For example, if the student wants to pursue an intensive course in aviation or nuclear science, we can help facilitate that curriculum.
  • Students struggling in specific subjects, but at grade level or beyond in others.
  • International students who can benefit from a personalized ESL program.
  • Special Needs Students: Although Sheridan Academy is not a special needs school, we have the capability and experience of helping students with mild learning disabilities such as dyslexia, ADHD, or mild autism.
  • Uncomfortable with the social pressures in a large school environment.
  • Home schooled students who need specific subject coverage.
The typical Sheridan student has an average or above-average IQ level, but has not experienced success in his or her school setting due to a variety of challenges.


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